Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler - Passionate, Uplifting, Relatable

Running the Marathon: Ten Training Tips

  • Keynote
  • North Christian Church Sanctuary
  • June 1 2024 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Homeschooling is more like running a twenty-six mile marathon than a one-hundred
yard dash. If you want to complete this race successfully, you must train in a way
that builds strength, stamina, and vision—and enables you to persevere until the
end. Fellow homeschool-marathon runner Zan Tyler discusses lofty topics like how
to create and sustain vision, but she also shares the down-to-earth need-to-know
tips like pacing yourself, choosing curriculum, and developing homeschool mentors
and friends. You’ll come away with a plan that will enable you to run with endurance
the race that lies before you.