Homeschool Wyoming

Creating a strong, vibrant, and connected homeschooling community across the state.


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Protecting homeschool freedom, equipping families, and connecting homeschoolers across Wyoming

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Our Mission & Vision

It is our mission to protect homeschool freedom in Wyoming so that each family can direct and fund the education of their children with minimal governmental oversight.  Our annual Homeschool Wyo convention features nationally recognized homeschool speakers and vendors and we provide access to many free resources and materials to equip Wyoming families to begin homeschooling, be encouraged, and finish the journey through the high school years. It is our vision to see Wyoming homeschoolers connect in in a strong and vibrant community.  


Homeschoolers of Wyoming (HOW) is a non-profit organization. We rely upon the generous contributions of our sponsors.

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Classical Conversations believes that every child is uniquely and wonderfully made and that parents can be the best teachers for their children. Through our Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge programs, we support parents and students along the journey of homeschooling.

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