How to Get Started


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New to homeschooling?

Whether you're just thinking about homeschooling or set on it, getting started can be daunting! We have compiled a short list to help you get going, as well as a list of resources we have personally found helpful. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!

Steps to get started:

  • Begin with prayer for guidance from God.
  • Research the Wyoming home education law and its requirements.
  • Notify your school district when the time is right for your family to start homeschooling(CLICK HERE for more information on this)
  • Sign up for our free mailing list.
  • Join Homeschool Wyo for community support and to support our efforts to fight for homeschooling rights in Wyoming.
  • Consider membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).  Homeschool Wyoming (HSWYO) members receive a $20 discount on HSLDA membership.
  • Research and select your core curriculum components: reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature and science. A short list of suggested curriculum is below, though there are many others to consider.
  • Visit your local library for books and magazines on home education.  Many libraries have books on beginning home schooling, below is a list of some of our favorites.
  • Attend the annual Homeschoolers of Wyoming events to hear speakers, meet other home educators, and discover educational resources.

High School Homeschool

High school brings some new considerations as you and your child begin to look to the future. Should you choose to have your child complete the ACT or SAT, information on testing can be found here:

  1. ACT Test Registration
  2. SAT Test Registration

Hathaway Scholarship

Wyoming has the fantastic benefit of the Hathaway scholarship: funds that are available to all Wyoming middle and high school student to help them attend college classes at the University of Wyoming or any of Wyoming's seven community colleges. Learn more here.


Also be sure to check out our free course on the Hathaway.

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Support Organizations

As a homeschooler, you may desire research-based information or extra legal support and protection, Below is a list of organizations that provide just that! Visit each site to learn more.