Wyoming Home Education Law

What does the Law Require

Wyoming Home Education law requires the teaching of a “basic academic educational program” by the child’s parent or legal guardian or by a person designated by the parent or legal guardian. “Basic academic educational program” is one that provides a sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature and science. 

These curriculum requirements do not require any private school or home-based educational program to include in its curriculum any concept, topic or practice in conflict with its religious doctrines or to exclude from its curriculum any concept, topic or practice consistent with its religious doctrines.

Other Notes

  1. ‚ÄčHomeschool families are required to submit a curriculum to the local board of trustees each year showing that the program complies with the educational requirements of the state.
  2. Most Wyoming homeschool families meet this requirement by filling out and sending this form, linked here or your own letter (see our sample letter here) with the required information at the beginning of each school year to your local school district.
  3. School attendance is required for children whose sev­enth birthday falls on or before Sept. 15 and through their sixteenth birthday or completion of the 10th grade.

We recommend that any correspondence you have with your the school district be sent “Certified Mail—Return Receipt Requested.” Keep copies of your letter of intent and withdrawal letter as well as any other paperwork or correspondence, and any green postal receipts, for your personal records.  Another terrific option is to find the district superintendent’s email address and email your correspondence. We suggest you CC or BCC: info@homeschoolersofwy.org in order that we may be a back up source for your records.


Withdrawing Your Child from Public School

If you decide to begin homeschooling during the school year and your child is currently enrolled in a public or private school, you will need to formally withdraw your child from that school. If you plan to start homeschooling after the school year is over, and your child is considered enrolled for the following year, we recommend that you withdraw your child before the next school year begins, so that your child is not marked as absent or truant.

We recommend you to become a member of HSLDA. In doing so, you will receive specific advice about withdrawing your child from school and starting to homeschool. Local schools may have specific forms or withdrawal procedures. HSLDA members are eligible to receive individualized advice about whether complying with those procedures is advisable or required.

Note: If your child has never attended a public or private school, this section does not apply.

Homeschool Records

HomeschoolWyo and HSLDA recommend that you keep detailed records of your homeschool program. These records may be helpful if your student decides to return to public school and needs to furnish proof of the education they have received or if, heaven forbid, you were to face an investigation regarding your homeschooling.

These records should include examples of their work, your attendance records, information on the specific textbooks and workbooks your student used, any correspondence you had with school officials, portfolios are also helpful as well as any test results, and any thing else that would prove your child’s education. You should keep your student’s high school records and proof of compliance with the home education laws during the high school years (including any type of home education notice that you file with state or local officials) on file forever.  There are many online record keeping options available so that you do not have to keep mounds of paperwork and workbooks in your physical posession.

Please note: This information has not been reviewed by an attorney, and it should not be taken as legal advice, please make sure you do your own research and if you have any questions contact us via our Contact Page.

High School Diploma

A homeschool diploma is a valid high school completion credential when issued to a student who completes a secondary education in a home-based educational program in accordance with Wyoming law. A homeschool diploma should be accompanied by a formal, notarized transcript signed by the student’s parent(s). Homeschool graduates who have a homeschool diploma, transcript, and verification of compliance with Wyoming’s homeschool law generally have sufficient documentation to meet a high school diploma requirement for purposes of college admission, employment, military enlistment, civil service, and other postsecondary options.

Be sure to check out our Homeschoolers and the Hathaway Scholarship Course for information on how to qualify your student for this Wyoming specific college scholarship! 

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