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Homeschool Graduation

By Brenna Lowry

 HomeschoolWyo President 2022


I have to admit when I first stepped on the Homeschool Wyoming board in the Fall of 2019, I was a naysayer when it came to hosting state-wide graduations Three of my children had already graduated, each with very different individual and meaningful celebrations.  Because of this I believed homeschool graduations should be, well, at home - or someplace with family! Homeschoolers graduate at home- right??

Not necessarily!  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when our 4th child graduated at the Homeschool Wyoming 2021 ceremony.  I was working the convention and so the ease of having him graduate at Homeschool Wyo was just too tempting.  I am now a believer and my 5th and last student will participate in the 2023 graduation at North Christian Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The HomeschoolWyo graduations are  tastefully done, very well organized, and concise.  

Well organized is fantastic!  We as moms teach the kids all these years AND have to plan the graduation ceremony?  My friends and I have always laughed (or sighed) at that.  Homeschool Wyoming’s graduation team handles all of that FOR YOU!

Homeschool Wyoming has hosted graduation ceremonies for the past two years and it has been a great experience.  We have had graduates from all over the state participate.  In fact one student and the Homeschool Wyoming 2022 ceremony were highlighted in the Sheridan Press

Some students have volunteered to give a speech or present a piece, there is a small student slideshow and the parents are allowed 2 minutes or so to speak and present the diploma.  Additionally the students and their families are treated to a special commencement address by a nationally recognized homeschool speaker from our convention.  This allows YOU to skip to the hard part and celebrate all of your child’s accomplishments with friends and family.  


Registration for the next Homeschool Wyoming Graduation opens January 2023.

Where:  Cheyenne, Wyoming 

When: May 3rd 2023 

Who:  commencement address by Israel Wayne of Family Renewal.  


Come Join Us!